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"My first set of full dentures were a disaster, not only did they not fit but they didn’t even look like my original teeth, the teeth were made way too big where as mine were small. I had to go back for two relines, charged for both and they still didn’t fit. They looked awful!

So with great trepidation I went hunting online for another dentist – this is how I found MaryAnne Costelloe. I made the appointment and hoped she would be able to help me. She saw what was needed straight away, and so my journey began- I was still wary but decided I would trust what I had read online about MaryAnne. She is so thorough and determined to get them right, I nearly cried when I saw the finished product, they were identical to my own teeth.

So thanks MaryAnne for changing my life. I do not hesitate recommending MaryAnne for Your denture work”